How to Increase the Safety of Your Pallet Rack

How to Increase the Safety of Your Pallet Rack

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Pallet rack is one of the most commonly used storage systems in warehousing. Although relatively safe, if certain precautions are not followed, pallet rack can turn into a safety risk. Increasing the safety of your pallet rack not only protects your employees against injuries, but also keeps your equipment and products safe, and ensures that your operation is up to code. Here are a few steps you can take to increase the safety of your pallet rack:

Inspect Your Pallet Rack Regularly

Regular pallet rack inspections are an important part of running a safe warehouse. Unfortunately, a lot of times pallet rack are not inspected beyond installation. This causes damages to go unnoticed and results in pallet rack to become unstable and potentially collapse causing employee injuries and damage to products. Inspecting pallet rack periodically will ensure that you catch problems early, so you have the opportunity to address them. When conducting an inspection make sure to pay special attention to the following:

  • Assess for damaged pallet rack uprights and beams

  • Look for missing bolts and safety clips

  • Make sure that loads are not exceeding the posted weight limits

  • Make sure that pallets are loaded correctly

  • Watch for misaligned pallet racks and any that are not level

Create Ways to Report Damages and Track Replacement

Once you have an inspection procedure for your pallet rack, you will also need to implement a way to report damages and keep tabs on the replacement of damaged items. This method will not only ensure that problems are being addressed correctly, but also creates clear communication and accountability. Having an easy reporting system will empower employees to report signs of damage as they see them.

Prioritize Employee Training

Educating employees is an important step in preventing accidents. Make sure to include proper safety protocols surrounding pallet rack use in your regular employee training. All employees that will be using pallet rack should be trained in the following, at a minimum: 

  • Safely loading and unloading pallets

  • Being cautious of load limitations and other signage

  • Safe forklift operation around pallet rack

  • Potential hazards of working around pallet rack

Invest in Safety Equipment

There are many products available to increase pallet rack safety. Some, like concrete anchors, are required by code, while others are optional. For more information about Materials Handling and Storage regulations, read OSHA’s publication on this issue. It is highly recommended that you consider investing in equipment to make your warehouse safer regardless if it’s required or not. Here are some equipment used to improve pallet rack safety:

Safety Bollards

Bollards can be installed in high traffic areas to prevent equipment such as forklifts from hitting and damaging pallet rack and other important structures. You may notice that pallet rack in certain areas are more susceptible to damage than others. These would be great candidates for bollard installation.

Safety Bollard, 40"H - 6" Diameter

Safety Bollard, 40


Excellent for separating vehicles from people Protects dock doorways and building passages 4" diameter schedule 10 tubing, standard duty Fill with cement for additional impact resistance Bright OSHA yellow finish Surface mount design (1/2" x 5" screws included) If you… read more

Backstop Beams

If the pallet rack’s flue space gets clogged up, it can increase the risk of fire in the warehouse. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires pallet rack’s flue space to remain clear so that in case of a fire, the flames will vent up and encounter sprinklers instead of spreading out.  Backstop beams prevent pallets from pushing into the pallet rack’s flue space, and keep the flue space clear. They are an essential safety feature that will ensure that you comply with NFPA requirements.

Post Protectors

Post protectors snap around pallet rack uprights and protect them from forklift and other equipment damage. They are a great way to keep your pallet rack safe from damage and protect your investment.

Rack Back Safety Panels 

Rack back safety panels (pallet rack panels) are installed onto the back of pallet rack to prevent items from falling. They are easy to install and create an effective safety barrier that protects your products and employees.

144"L x 48"H Wire Mesh Rack Safety Panel, GRIPPR Drop-In Brackets Included, 12" Offset, Black



Great for ensuring product doesn't fall from your pallet rack on to a desk or the floor.  Panel is 48" High Panel is 144" Long 12" Offset Powdercoated black for a resilient finish Grippprr brackets allow for the fastest installation in… read more

Guard Rails

Guard rails can be installed at the end of pallet rack aisles to prevent forklift damage. Forklifts are the number one cause of damage in the warehouse, so it’s important to put the necessary safety precautions in place before accidents happen.

Safety Clips & Concrete Anchors

During regular use, pallet rack absorbs a lot of wear and tear and the connections between beams and uprights can become disconnected. Pallet rack clips are used as an additional safety measure to prevent beams and uprights from becoming disconnected. Wedge anchors are used to secure pallet rack to the concrete floor.

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