L&T Open Upright (T-Post), 30"D x 88-3/8"H, Sand - New

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L&T OPEN UPRIGHT (T-POST), 30"D x 88-3/8"H, SAND

Condition: New
Height: 88-3/8"H
Depth: 30"D
Style: L&T
Color: Sand
Manufacturer: Tennsco
Item: 3088TO-SND

Use "T" posts for intermediate posts. Since it has a connection on both sides, it allows you to create shelf levels in either direction.

Combine this L&T style upright with shelf supports and particleboard or steel shelves to create low-price industrial shelving.  The width of the shelving unit will depend on the width of the shelf supports (i.e. pairing a 30"D upright with 36"W shelf supports would create a shelf that is 30"D x 36"W).


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, ASL is not responsible for engineering, installation and/or permitting of this material. If you would like to add these services, please call our Customer Service team at 616-246-8700. 


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