New vs Old Style of Pallet Rack: What’s the Difference?

New vs Old Style of Pallet Rack: What’s the Difference?

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There are many different types of pallet rack, and if you’re in the market to purchase a new system or add on to your existing pallet rack, you may find some of the terminology confusing. One of the most commonly asked questions about the different styles of pallet rack is regarding the differences between what’s referred to as “new style” and “old style” of pallet rack and whether they are compatible with one another. Before we compare new vs old style of pallet rack, first, let’s take a look at each of these styles and their features.

Old Style Pallet Rack

The old style pallet rack has teardrop-shaped keyholes on its uprights and rounded pins on its beams. This type of pallet rack is also referred to as teardrop rack or teardrop pallet rack due to the shape of its keyholes. The system is installed by connecting the pins on the beams to the teardrop holes. The teardrop shape is wider at the top where the pin is inserted, and narrows towards the bottom to secure the pin into place. There are many manufacturers that make teardrop pallet rack and the parts are universally compatible.

new vs old style of pallet rack

Old style pallet rack uprights

New Style Pallet Rack

The new style pallet rack, also referred to as Interlake pallet rack, is a newer style that was designed by a pallet rack manufacturer named Interlake. The company decided to come up with a unique keyhole design on its uprights that only works with the same style of pallet rack beams. The new style of racks have a similar design with keyholes that narrow down towards the bottom, but the shape of the keyhole is more rectangular instead of a true teardrop shape. The new style beams have rectangular pins to specifically fit the more rectangular holes of the new style uprights, therefore they do not fit into the older teardrop style uprights.

new vs old style of pallet rack

New style pallet rack uprights

The name “new style” may confuse you as this style has been around for a long time, and because this style didn’t become very popular after its introduction, Interlake ceased its production. So the new style is actually no longer being manufactured. However, there are still lots of used new style pallet rack parts that are available on the market.

Are old and new style pallet rack parts compatible?

As mentioned earlier, the new style of beams are made to work only with their own parts. The old style beams with the rounder pins will not fit the keyholes of new style uprights. But new style beams will fit into the old style uprights. If you have old style uprights, you can use new style beams without compromising the structure of your pallet rack. So there is some interchangeability between the two designs. 

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Which one is better, old or new style?

When Interlake came out with the new style they kept producing the old style. In fact the old style remained more popular and still is. is still more popular and can be purchased brand new, while the discontinued new style is only available as used.

If you compare the new vs old style of pallet rack from a structural integrity and load capacity perspective, they are both strong and durable products. While both of these designs are similar in this aspect, the old teardrop style is much more commonly available. If you would like to start from scratch and buy new pallet racking (whether it’s used or brand new) we recommend that you get the old style. You will have an easier time locating parts for it as the new style is no longer in production.

What to Look for When Purchasing Pallet Rack

To summarize, if you have the Interlake new style of uprights, stick with the same design when purchasing beams. But if you have the old style of uprights, you can purchase either new or old style beams.

American Storage and Logistics carries both used and new old style pallet rack; and used new style pallet rack available to purchase online. If you have any questions regarding your pallet rack purchase, call us at 616-246-9800 to speak with a sales engineer.

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